mardi 5 février 2013

Classes euro : seconde et terminale

Pour les secondes : 

You can find there the last slides about the movie Food Inc. Remember the assignment you've got to do for next time about this extract.

About the huge quantity of chicken wings eaten during the Super Bowl weekend, i give you the source of this information : it comes from the National Chicken Council. As it defines itself, the NCC is a national non-profit trade association, representing the US chicken industry.

The NCC has estimated that about 1.25 billion chicken wings were consumed during the Super Bowl weekend ! That's the second biggest eating day of the year after thanksgiving : each of the 300 millions americans, is supposed to have consumed 4 chicken wings during those two days, and 600 millions of chicken were slaughtered for those two days... a real chickencide ! You can read the original article published on the NCC website.

Pour les terminales : 

You can find the whole slideshow about the movie Let's make money.
If you have any question about it, and about financial mechanism, about tax heaven or whatever, please ask. 

To help you, i give you this link to watch again the extracts we studied in class. You can also watch it entirely if you want... or if you have time to do it.

Enjoy !

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