lundi 21 avril 2014

Terminale euro : The USA and the world after the Cold War

Here you can download the end of our lesson on The USA sans the world since 1918. 

After the "shaping the world" doctrine of Georges W. Bush administration, we can see Barack Obama's foreign policy like Paresh Nath in the Indian National Herald in 2009 :

Or like this by the same cartoonist in 2011 :

Some american editorialists says that Obama don't have any foreign doctrine because he 's a pragmatist. On one hand he turned to a multilateral policy from the unilateralism of former President Georges Bush, but on the other hand the killing of Ben Laden in pakistan in 2011,  the rise of drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen or Afghanistan, and the spread of large scale intelligence stated his will to defend The USA's interests worldwide.

Remarkably this drone strike issue was the heart of Homeland TV series season 1 in 2011.
The plot in a few words :

A U.S. Army Delta Force team in Afghanistan has found United States Marine Corps sergeant Nicholas Brody who had been believed killed in Iraq eight years earlier during 2003. The CIA, the political establishment and the whole country, believe Brody to be a war hero. But during a lot of episodes, flashbacks show that Brody had been taken out of captivity by Abu Nazir, a top leader of Al Qaeda, in order to teach his son, Isa, English. Brody came to love the boy and when he was killed in a U.S. drone attack, Brody vowed revenge on his own country. He revealed what he really is : a terrorist and a spy for al-Qaeda.

Homeland season 1 trailer :

To know more about the Obama's foreign policy, you can watch this MSNBC tv show of January 2013 : 

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