samedi 11 avril 2015

Terminale DNL : last lesson

You can download the last lesson of the year on the relationships between the UK and the European political project since 1948.

As the 3 next friday will be off, I offer you to talk about this last lesson on thursday during lunch time (12:30) at the library on a voluntary basis.

To sum up the lesson, some "funny" cartoons :

Leslie illingworth, Daily Mail, 11 May 1948 after The Hague conference 
(1948 Olympic Games took place in London)

 British cartoonist Illingworth takes an ironic look at the proliferation 
of conflicting plans for European unification in 1948

David Low in the Manchester Guardian in April 1960 about the European Free Trade Association founded as an alternative to the EEC with Austria, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Sweeden and Switzerland…

A 1959 cartoon depicts Selwyn Lloyd, Britain's Foreign Secretary, 
rowing after Europe in his will to join the EEC

A funny cartoon of De Gaulle as the main obstacle for the UK to join the EEC in 1963

New Zealand cartoonist Leslie Gibbard takes an ironic look at the issues surrounding the forthcoming referendum to be held in June 1975 in the United Kingdom on whether or not the country should remain in the European Economic Community (EEC).

UKIP political posters during the European elections campaign of May 2014

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