jeudi 18 septembre 2014

Première DNL : History of the USA since the 19th century, from a native American point of view.

You can download THERE the slideshow of our 1st topic of the year. 

Read the lesson of the part 1 : a brief history of the USA from the Pilgrim Fathers to the Conquest of the West.

You read it, look at the documents and follow the link. Your goal is to be capable of :
- explaining who the Pilgrim Fathers were
- explaining why we can say that the USA were populated by massive immigration, and not only from Europe, during the 19th century
- knowing what Thanksgiving was originally
- explaining the Proclamation Line of 1763

And of course, you should be unbeatable about the Manifest Destiny and the Conquest of the west !

If you have some more time, you should watch again the emotional lecture of Aaron Huey.

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