lundi 15 décembre 2014

Première DNL : 20th century wars in movies and comic books

You can download the slideshow on our topic : War, comic books and movies across the 20th century.

To know why American movies can be useful to understand History, you can read this previous article from my blog about movies and their context. You can also read this one about the TV series Homeland, a very relevant one to know about the American foreign policy nowadays. This one about a filmography of January 2013 could be also interesting... even if it's in French !

To prepare the work, it could be interesting to think about the links between the American film industry, the Government and the Pentagon :
National security issues are very often portrayed by Hollywood as global issues in American movies. With its worldwide audience, Hollywood is one of the main assets of the soft power made in USA to spread American values, National Security concerns... and to designate enemies.

As Jean Michel Valantin says in the conference you can watch below : "How do we apprehend the war in France (and all over the world) ? By watching American war movies !"


You can also watch this TV documentary to see how close are the links between Hollywood and the Pentagon. 

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