lundi 10 décembre 2012

Pour les terminales euro, et les autres...

Mission accomplished :
Obama and his team in the situation room
after the strike against Bin Laden in Pakistan
Recently i've read an astonishing article on Time magazine about Usama Bin Laden's death. You can read it here on line. It's about how the decision to organize this secret op in an allied country territory (Pakistan) was made. It's unbelievable, but from the beginning (8 months before the assault by a SEAL commando) to the last moment before this special op, very few people of US government were get involved of what was in preparation : neither secretary of state Hillary Clinton nor secretary of defense Bob Gates weren't in the first secrecy loop.

This article makes us deeply diving into the "secrets of gods" : we know all the options which were on the table, and all the risks of each one. It's like a spy novel, but in real !
Enjoy !

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