mardi 18 décembre 2012

Terminale DNL Globalisation part 2

HERE you have the 2nd part of our lesson on oil as a globalised product. I also give you a word box and methods to comment a document in history and geography THERE.

For next time, if the world is still there in 2013, download the part.2 of this lesson, and learn it. 

You also have to send me a little summary of your presentation on the USA. (I accept word or open office files)

Enjoy your holidays, take care of you, and don't forget to work your english !

For example you can go there : a Washington Post's article on mass shootings in the USA during this year. About the same topic, you can also watch this interview of Mickael Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas who candidated in 2008 US Republican presidential primaries. What he's saying about god and the last shooting in Newton Connecticut school, is deeply meaningful of the place of god in american society... That will be a case of study for you in a few time. At last, you can read this Washington Post's article which draw a parallel between huckabee's point of view and the one of Ali Khamenei, Iranian supreme leader... not exactly a friend of the USA !

To get back on our subject, you can watch this movie, A crude awakening, the oil crash, broadcasted by Arte on september 2008, on dailymotion website.

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