jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Terminale Euro : The USA and the world since 1918

Download the slideshow of the beginning of our 2nd topic. You can find every documents we studied in class, the texts you have to study during the holidays, many documents to complete the lesson and many links to additional resources such as ...

...  this Popeye cartoon of 1942 : "You're a sap Mr Jap" where we find the hero singlehandedly defeating the crew of a Japanese battleship in the Pacific Ocean.

During the war Hollywood worked hard to support the American war effort. Even Walt Disney made propaganda movies for the government. He was asked to create animation for a series of pictures produced by director Frank Capra for the U.S. Army. This "Why we fight" series included films such as “Prelude to War" and “War comes to America”.  You really should watch them, they are both propaganda masterpieces !

He also made many cartoons such as this Donald Duck "Spirit of '43to encourage patriotic Americans to file and pay their income taxes faithfully in order to help the war effort. The repeated theme in the film is "Taxes...To Defeat the Axis."

Enjoy !

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